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INTERACTIVE LEVI GAME by Shivery-Ao INTERACTIVE LEVI GAME :iconshivery-ao:Shivery-Ao 2,924 1,178
Levi x Reader ++Drunk Prank++ BONUS!
“Where the fuck is that brat? I need tea... right fucking now.” The corporal shouted towards the lunch room door. Hange flicked his forehead roughly.
“Calm down shorty! (y/n) has been busy making us tea all day! Cut her some slack, honestly I dont even know what she see's in you-”
“Huh?” The corporal questioned, slightly less tensed then before.
“Aw...shit.... I- I mean...OH LOOK she's coming this way!” Hange rose from her seat and gave you a huge grin.
“Wait this isn't my room... Where the fueekkkk is dora the explorer when you need hurrr?” you blurted as you walked in clumsy.
“(L/n)? are you alright? There seems to be something wron-” Erwin started, but was soon interrupted by the grumpy corporal who longed for tea.
“Tch of course something is wrong, she doesn't have our fucking tea-”
“SHHHH! THE COUNSEL HAS SPOKEN! * hic * I hereby declare you! Mr brow man... GUILTY! For 'accidentally' u
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 468 97
Levi x Reader ++Drunk Prank++ Final
“W-what? No! Sir, I was gonna suggest that you kick the door down with your hella strong legs.”
You turn around. Facing the short corporal who was taller/shorter than you. He closes his eyes and gives you a smile.
No.Freaking.Way. He's...he's SMILING?!? You stand there in complete silence, trying to let this moment sink in. Before you could speak his head falls on to your breasts. As he speaks you feel a shiver go down your spine.  
“What? You can tuck yourself in you little baby! Plus if you fall asleep how am I suppose to get out of here?”
Levi jumps in his bed and pulls his sheets up to his nose. Omgosh...that is the cutest thing ever.
“Maybe you should sleep here then.” He spoke, his voice muffled from the blanket. You walk over to his bed and sit yourself down looking into his silver orbs.  
“Will you go to sleep on your own, or am I going to have to use Mr. frying pan o
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 400 108
Levi x Reader ++Drunk Prank++ Prt 2
Your eyes wander the dark hallways.
“Hmm, they may be drunk, but they sure know how to hide.” you spoke to yourself, voice sounding monotone. It could even be mistaken as a female Levi with how monotone it was. A loud bang echoed through the mess halls, which caused you to jump slightly. You turn, raising an eyebrow, waiting for the sound to come again. You wanted to make sure where it was coming from. You needed to trail it.
Any second now an-
Perfect, that sound definitely came from one of the drunk superiors. You move your feet and turn a corner, tracking down the source of the banging. The kitchen! OF COURSE!. The banging got louder and louder with each step you took.
“TAKE THAT YOU DEMON!” A female voice yells from within. You snap your fingers with excitement. Where there is Hange, there is Erwin and Levi! You dash into the room, finding Hange sitting in the sink. She was obviously stuck. You laugh hysteri
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 299 37
Levi x Reader ++Drunk Prank++ Prt 1
You pour the hot tea into three different cups, cleaning up the little drops to give the cups a perfect appearance. 
"I... am the ultimate tea master." You say to yourself as you bow down. You hear the door open behind you. 
"(y/n)?- um... what are you doing?" Eren asks as he stands in the doorway. You tense up, turning around to face the so called titan boy. 
"Nothing, I was just... bowing to the tea gods."
"Tea gods?"
"Yeah, they told me to tell you that if you ever mention this to anyone... I'm going to have to sacrifice you to them." You clear your throat, as he laughs it off. Eren casually walks in and pats you on the back. 
"Damn (y/n) that's like the third time you made tea for the superiors today! aren't you tired of it?" 
"Huh? oh no, it's fine, I like making tea for them!" 
He smiles in your direction, before turning to look at the door. He whispers loudly and motions an *all clear*, to an unknown person whom you assume is outside. You turn your
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 437 143
Levi Rivaille x Reader ~Hide and Seek~
"Come on (y/n) It'll be fun!" Mikasa insisted as you both sneak through the mess hall. It was after curfews you see
and everyone has agreed to meet in the lunch room for a nice, clean game of hide and seek. 
"Ughhh but I seriously am not in the mood with childish games!" You protest as you sneak further and further
towards the lunch room door. 
"Everyone is waiting for you, stop being such a stick in the mud and learn to have fun" 
"Stick in the mud?!? Mikasa I am the definition of fun! I'll prove you wrong!" You mumbled, taking
wider and stronger steps towards the door. 
As you reach your hands towards the doorknob you can hear a whole load of commotions. Laughing, giggling, loud
steps. At this rate these dumb asses are gonna wake up the superiors and get you in trouble. Mikasa pushes you in.
"I got her" she remarks keeping a bored expression on her face. 
"HA! Told you she would come! You all owe me your lunches tomorrow" announce Jean proudly in front of
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 927 220
Levi X His Broom by IntrovertNarwhal Levi X His Broom :iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 114 57
Mature content
Snowflakes [Reader|Levi] :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 49 6
Mature content
Control [Levi|Reader] NSFW :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 226 42
Mature content
The Desk Incident [Levi|Reader] NSFW :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 162 15
Mature content
Mentiri [Levi|Reader] Drabble :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 82 18
Mature content
Do it. [Fitness Instructor!Levi|Assistant!Reader] :iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 160 33
intertwine [Levi|Reader]
                                                                                |Soulmate AU|
     At age sixteen you can drive, twenty-one you can drink, twenty-five the markings start appearing whether you’re ready or not. Legs, arms, chest, stomach, it was all over on some people. Hell anywhere they decided to write on their own skin would transcend onto their other half’s, even if they’d never met before. Levi never understood the purpose of it; if he wanted to find someone he would do it on his own. However, Levi never really found himself wanting a deeper connection with anyone and he was alright with that. He had Furlan and Isabel who inevitably found each other even after they’d grown up together. Their fate intertwined and blossomed into a he
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 193 19
Recalculate [Levi|Reader]
Warning: Mentions of drug use | Language
Reader & Levi are 21+
This is the sequel to Miscalculation.
College AU
     This is how it ends for me..
   A thick coat of fog circled the front of your face as you shivered forcefully beneath the bundles of blankets draped around your form. You were almost one hundred percent certain your hands had become solid blocks of ice, and with each tap on the keyboard an arctic jolt shot up your arms. With a low whine you flopped forward onto your stomach and contemplated slamming the laptop closed on your head. Four hours of writing, erasing, editing, two mental break downs and you still hadn’t finished the first part of your thesis. The rough draft was due in the morning and to make matters worse the heat for the entire building had burnt out in the dead of winter.
   Loading yourself up on coffee had seemed like a good idea at first but after the third cup the tiny jitters had morp
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 88 10
Downpour [Levi|Reader] Drabble
   A series of quakes traveled beneath the soaked dirt as your feet pounded against the mud, slinging murky brown chunks up your legs and to the ends of your tattered cape. Thundering stomps followed haphazardly, stumbling forward in staggered attempts to swipe at your fragile body. Each dodge of the hand was a sneer in the face of death, something you'd grown accustom to in your line of work but the view from the trees was much more inviting than fighting it out on the ground like a mouse fleeing from a prowling cat. Chest heaving you finished unbuckling the last clasp that held your broken gear to your body as you hurled it into the foggy forest banks to your left.
   Levi ran beside you, granite hues barely a sliver more narrow than their usual position. You mentally scoffed at his consistent poker face, the only semblance of life clicking through his features the moment his hand swung out to grab your wrist, yanking you into the dense fog ridden forest. H
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 45 13
Photograph [Marine!Levi|Reader] Modern AU
Another sleepless night, another wave of aching loneliness that managed to sink it's way so deep it nearly shattered your bones under its weight. Two hours had flown by and all you had managed to accomplish was count the raindrops as they riveted down the glass stained with his fingerprints, a silent reminder of how long he had been gone. Dust drifted up from the windowsill, swirling gently beneath the off white glow of the desk lamp. Thick drops of rain pattered against the red brick of your apartment building, drumming dully above your head against the old cement roof. Nights like these were best spent wrapped in the sheets sharing nothing but the warmth of the moment while the rest of the world faded away into the murky grey scattered across the night sky.
His picture hung in polaroids above the frame of your once shared bed, strung together by thin black yarn woven around twinkling lights. A thin smile perked at your lip
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 174 21



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